Nutrition and Hygiene

We take the hassle out of preparing meals & snacks for your children. Our 4-week menu is dietician approved, and caters for various dietary requirements (incl. Muslim & Hindu). Our menu has 3 meals (Breakfast, cooked lunch and dinner) and 2 snacks throughout the day, as well as rooibos tea, juice and purified water, so as to ensure your child is always well nourished.

We also provide all toiletries (excl. nappies) for children. This includes all creams, sun block, soap, tissues, toilet paper, wet wipes and disinfectants. We also accept expressed Breast Milk for your baby, and cloth diapers. Our Classrooms are equipped with Air purifiers, with Anti-Fungal and Anti-Bacterial Solution. Our Carpets and Mattresses get deep cleaned on a weekly basis.

Safety and Security

Our premises and classrooms are monitored by 24-hour CCTV cameras, armed response thru CAP security, and we have a designated security guard. For your peace of Mind, the premises have Finger Print Access Control, with only people approved by the parents, to collect their child scanned into the system. Our premises are also an ER24 safe zone, meaning your child has access to emergency medical assistance and treatment on-site. ER24 will also stabilise and transport your child in the unfortunate event of a medical emergency. All our staff are First Aid trained, and we have First Aid kits throughout the school. There is a full emergency and Fire evacuation plan, and extinguishers on the Premises.

Other Services Included

  • Fully equipped Classrooms, with Traditional and Montessori Equipment
  • All Stationary
  • Educational Shows
  • School Fun Days
  • School Photos
  • Year-end Concert
  • Year-end Party
  • Bakers Friday once a month
  • Weekly Internal music and movement Program
  • Daily Report Books
  • Assessments and Report Cards, 4 times a year
  • Parent Newsletters
  • WhatsApp Communication Services

Air Purifier
Vegetable Garden
Report Books
Baby Hygiene
Nutritional Food